Palacký University Olomouc

Palacký University Olomouc

Home to 23,000 students from the world over: there’s a good reason why people refer to Olomouc as the Czech Oxford. The university is made up of eight faculties, offering more than 900 combinations of study programmes in nearly every field: from teaching, theology, physical education and sports, to the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, natural sciences, medicine, and healthcare. It is an internationally recognized Central European university of hallowed status, the second oldest in the Czech Republic.

Interactive museum and university shop

Palacký University Olomouc is one of the largest employers in the Olomouc region. Its students and alumni play a significant role in the myriad cultural, social, and sporting events in the city and the region. UP operates the much frequented interactive science museum Fort Science and the UPoint information centre and shop on Horní náměstí (the Upper Square), which offers not only an information service on the university, but also designer UP fashions, souvenirs, and books from the university press.


Attractive places to visit

UP also offers many tourist attractions. The massive Baroque edifice of the former Jesuit Convictorium, now the UP Arts Centre, is sure to impress anyone. There you will also find one of the most elaborate sacral premises – the Baroque Corpus Christi Chapel, which together with the rest of the complex is a national cultural landmark. There is also the former Armoury, which now serves as the UP main library; the courtyard is open to the public and is opposite the Archbishop’s Palace. Across from the Armoury you will find a lovely, secluded garden oasis with seating atop the former town fortifications just off Křížkovského Street, an experience which goes beyond aesthetics.


If you like scenic vistas, a panorama of the historic Olomouc cityscape can be yours from the rooftop terrace of the Faculty of Science building on 17. Listopadu Street. There is also a Foucault pendulum on the premises, thanks to which you can see for yourself that the Earth revolves on its axis, and in the outside geopark you can find splendid examples of rocks and minerals mainly from Moravia and Silesia, or you can feast your eyes on the street art murals which adorn the dormitories near the town centre. The university web Unit(r)ips will take you there, and to many other attractions.


And if you’d like a longer stay in Olomouc, take advantage of summer accommodations in the hotel portion of the university dormitories at unbeatable prices (skm.upol.cz/leto).


Uni T(r)ips web: www.unitrips.upol.cz
University Town web: www.univerzitnimesto.cz
Palacký University web: www.upol.cz

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