Basic data

Basic data

Olomouc has always been one of the most important royal towns in the Czech lands. Thanks to its advantageous location, ancient university, spiritual, cultural and craft traditions, it was for many centuries the natural centre of Moravia, attracting artists, scholars and merchants.


  • 101 892 inhabitants, 6. largest city in the Czech Republic, the capital of fertile Haná
  • after Prague, the second most important monument reserve in the Czech Republic
  • it lies in the heart of Moravia, in the past it was its capital
  • it is the seat of the ancient university, the archbishopric, the Moravian Philharmonic, interesting museums and theatres
  • for relaxation it offers large parks, a large zoo, a modern Aquapark, a swimming stadium or the natural area of Litovelský Pomoraví with cycling and swimming trails


The Haná Lowland, in the centre of which Olomouc is situated, is one of the warmest areas in the Czech Republic. The climate here is very pleasant, without extremes.

In spring and autumn, daytime temperatures are usually between 15-20°C, and in summer around 25°C, but days or weeks with temperatures around 30°C are no exception.

The coldest winter month is January with an average temperature of -1 to -4°C.


Olomouc is located at the confluence of the Morava and Bystřice rivers. The flat character of the city is markedly bounded by higher georelief in the west, but especially in the east, so that the city is enclosed in an elongated lowland open in the NW-SE direction.

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