Olomouc and personalities

The city of Olomouc, with a history of more than a thousand years, has played an important role in the lives of many famous personalities whose fates are now inextricably linked to the city. Take a look at other personalities associated with Olomouc, including artists, statesmen, military leaders and church leaders.






Modern personalities

Since 1998, the Olomouc City Council has been awarding prizes to important personalities and entities whose activities have a clear temporal overlap and a close relationship to the city of Olomouc. In recent years, the awards have been given mainly to artists and personalities in the field of natural sciences.

Since 2010, awards have also been given for the Act of the Year, in recognition of a significant act, a specific work or an extraordinary achievement in the past year.

Citizens themselves can co-determine the laureates by sending nominations of personalities, from which the Olomouc City Council then selects. More at www.cenamesta.cz

Historical Moments


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