Olomouc region Card

Olomouc region Card

More experiences for less money…

The Olomouc Region Card is a tourist discount card that allows you to save significantly when visiting Olomouc. By purchasing it, you can get discounted or free admission to castles, chateaus, museums, zoos and other tourist destinations.

It will give you the opportunity to travel for free on public transport, buy tickets for theatre performances or stay in a hotel or dine in a restaurant for a cheaper price. And it pays off. 🙂



Benefits of the card

  • free admission to dozens of the most famous castles, chateaus and museums
  • traveling on public transport in Olomouc absolutely free
  • discounts for hotels, campsites, guesthouses and restaurants
  • discounts for relaxation and adrenaline sports activities
  • the card is valid not only in Olomouc, but also in other places in Central Moravia and Jeseníky



Card types

48 hour card

is valid for 48 immediately consecutive hours from the first use of the card in the participating entity from the date of marking the card, i.e. by entering the date, hour and signing the card by the holder


5 day card

valid for 5 immediately consecutive calendar days from the date of first use of the card, i.e. by entering the date and signing the card by the cardholder


Card prices (CZK)

validity adult / child
48 hours 240,- / 120,-
5 days 480,- / 240,-



Where to buy the card

The card can be purchased in both physical (plastic) and digital (virtual) form. The digital card, whose form and all instructions will arrive in an email, can be printed on your printer or the card number can be inserted into an app on your smartphone. The card does not need to be used immediately after purchase. It is activated by the first acceptance, i.e. at the moment of the first visit to one of the participating attractions and by the operator loading the card into the Olomouc region Card system. The remaining validity period of the card can be checked at any time on the website www.olomoucregioncard.cz.

The card can be purchased at the information centre on Horní náměstí in Olomouc and at dozens of retailers, or online at www.olomoucregioncard.cz.



More information

For details and updates on the Olomouc region Card, visit www.olomoucregioncard.cz.



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