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Public transport

The dense network of public transport offers passengers a comfortable travel within the city of Olomouc (tram and bus transport). Single or 24-hour tickets can be purchased in shops marked with a public transport sticker (information centres, tobacco shops or newsstands), also in vending machines at tram or bus stops or directly from the driver of the vehicle, but with a small surcharge.



Basic individual fares and time validity in Zone 71

  • Civil discounted: 18 Kč (time validity from marking 40/60 minutes on weekdays/other days)*
  • Civil discounted: 9 CZK (time validity from marking 40/60 minutes on weekdays/other days)*

* tickets on additional sale at drivers with a surcharge of 12 / 6 CZK



Time fares in zone 71

  • Citizen/discounted 1-day: 46/23 CZK
  • Citizen/discounted 7-day: 126/63 CZK

Tickets can be purchased

  • via SMS
  • via the DPMO mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • via the SEJF mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • at parking meters
  • at newspaper and tobacco stores

For more information, visit www.dpmo.cz



Holders of the Olomouc Region Card have free transport in the city.

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