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Caesarova kašna

Caesar Fountain

Horní náměstí, 779 00, Olomouc

Basic information

Caesar Fountain – the most famous as well as the largest and technically skilled of the Olomouc Baroque fountains represents the legendary founder of the city Gaius Julius Caesar.

The sculptural group is situated in the middle of the basin on an imitation rock. It consists of a sculpture of a rider on a rearing horse, along with two reclining male figures holding cartouches. The male figures are personifications of the Morava and Danube rivers. The group is completed by a sitting dog, an allusion to the town‘s loyalty to the Emperor. The statue of Caesar is placed with its back to the Town Hall facing in the direction of Michael’s Hill where according to legend a camp of Roman soldiers once stayed.

The inspirational source for Schauberger’s sculpture of Caesar was the horseback sculpture of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great by Gian Lorenzo Bernini located in the Vatican Scala Regia.

The fountain basin with its perforated profile is Render’s work.

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