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Town Hall

Horní náměstí, 779 11, Olomouc


+420 585 513 385

Basic information

The Olomouc Town Hall building, which dominates the Upper Square (Horní náměstí), has been for more than six centuries a symbol of economic and political importance of the former royal capital of Moravia.

The Town Hall is a four-winged building with an inner courtyard. Standing out from the south facade there is a window bay of the Gothic Chapel of St. Jerome richly decorated with tracery and figural motifs. At the eastern side of the building, there are a biaxial staircase and a Renaissance loggia. Next to the Town Hall Tower there is the Astronomical Clock in a recess of the northern wall.

A number of original vaulted rooms, including a ceremonial hall (today’s Wedding hall) have been preserved to this day. The interior of the Gothic Chapel of St. Jerome is decorated with a unique ribbed vault (the oldest ribbed vault of the so-called Danubian type in our country).

Opening hours:
Tours of the Town Hall, including the ceremonial Wedding hall, by appointment only.

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