Olomouc in Lonely Planet – For the Second Time!

Olomouc is known as small Prague. For the second time, the professional tourists from the publisher Lonely Planet have ranked Olomouc among the 10 hottest places in Europe definitely worth visiting.

Olomouc is beautiful, interesting, attractive, but contrary to the capital city, calm and with a magical atmosphere. All this along with a rich night life is what makes Olomouc one of the most interesting destinations on the old continent.”Size is not everything. Obviously Europe offers numerous interesting destinations like London or Amsterdam, but if you expect more from travelling, we offer a list of places definitely worth visiting. Places, which may be overlooked by people nowadays, yet unjustly overlooked” stated Andy Murdoch in his article, professional traveler and author of the Lonely Planet. He introduces Olomouc as an exceptional destination in Moravia, which is a must-see for yourself. According to the travelers, the authentic atmosphere of Moravia captures life in the Czech Republic far better than cosmopolitan Prague.

Olomouc appeared on Lonely Planet’s list for the first time last year with a significant characteristic – Europe’s hidden treasure. However, this year, the glow of our treasure is no longer hidden and the authors have revealed more than one reason to definitely visit Olomouc. For example, the night life is one luring factor along with the unique atmosphere of the abundance of darkened crooked narrow streets which can be found in the center of baroque Olomouc. “To be a part of the Top Ten is obviously a great success. Not only we were able to defend last year’s ranking on the list of recommended destinations, but also prove that Olomouc is presented as one of the deciding reasons why to visit specifically our region among the competition of other European destinations”, says deputy mayor Jan Holpuch who is proud of the fact that Olomouc made the list. Among other matters, Jan Holpuch is also responsible for culture and the development of travel and tourism.

This time, all of Moravia and Olomouc appeared in the company of another nine European locations worth visiting when expecting “something more” from travelling. According to Lonely Planet, the Top 10 European Destinations for 2013 are as follows:

  • Porto and the surrounding Douro Valley top
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Northern Iceland
  • Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Moravia, Czech Republic
  • Bern, Switzerland
  • Marseille, France
  • Croatia
  • Northern Ireland
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

“In terms of the visitor’s rate, we can hardly compete with mass metropolitan cities like Paris or Rome. To even think that would be naïve. However, in my opinion, it is more of an Olomouc advantage rather than a handicap. Therefore, we appreciate other mentions of Olomouc and we will certainly use them for our advertising. After all, Olomouc is beautiful and no one can dispute this”, concluded deputy mayor Jan Holpuch with a smile.

For the complete article about the most interesting European destinations of this year, visit our website at www.lonelyplanet.com/europe/travel-tips-and-articles/77757.

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Information Centre

Informační centrum

i Horní náměstí (Upper Square)
Town Hall's archway
779 11 Olomouc

Opening hours: daily 9:00am –7:00pm
Tel.: (+420) 585 513 385, 392



Mapa města

Olomouc region Card

Olomouc Region Card

Olomouc Region Card is a tourist discount card that allows you to visit Olomouc significant savings. Its purchase to make sure you completely discounted or free admission.




Transport in Olomouc


City Public transport (MHD)

Basic fare:
  • Single ticket 14
  • Day ticket 46
  • Olomouc Region Card holders can use the public transport free of charge..


  • approximate minimum charge 15
  • approximate price per km 25

Car Hire

  • Price for 1 day 800

Prices of petrol and diesel

  • Petrol: 38 /1l
  • Diesel: 38 /1l

Olomouc, due to its location right in the middle of Moravia, is easily accessible by road and train. Arriving from Prague you can take the fast motorway via Brno, from Vienna there is also a speedy and comfortable connection on roads and partly motorways. Olomouc is also conveniently accessible by car from Poland and Slovakia.

Olomouc is also an important railway junction with the main station near the city center. Passengers have access to many high-speed trains, like the Intercity and Eurocity trains and passenger trains for regional transport, or the modern Pendolino train which provides a fast and convenient connection to Prague and Ostrava. It takes you from Olomouc to Prague in just two and a half hours.

Transport in Olomouc itself is covered mostly by trams and buses with a dense transport network. They run all week and schedules are available at all public transport stops. Schedules can be also purchased, as well as the tickets, at selling points of the Transport Company of Olomouc (Dopravní podnik). Tickets are also available from ticket machines, at tobacconists or from the driver. Olomouc Region Card holders can use the public transport free of charge.

Traveling by bus is in most cases cheaper than by train, sometimes also faster. For information about domestic and international timetables, see www.idos.cz